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"TROLL": a regenerating robot +Yinrong Ma  +


A Reliable IoT Messaging Protocol Based on MQTT Standard +Mahdi Fazeli  +
Action Library for Robot Execution +Fredrik Lundborg  +
Activity monitoring for AAL +Jianyuan Ma  +, Yinan Qiu  +
Analysis of Multi-Lingual Vehicle Service Histories +Iyanuoluwa Akanbi  +
Article Identification for Inventory List in a Warehouse Environment +Yang Gao  +
Assistance-seeking strategy for a flying robot during a healthcare emergency response +Jérémy Heyne  +
Automatic Generation of Descriptive Features for Predicting Vehicle Faults +Vandan Revanur  +, Ayodeji Olanrewaju Ayibiowu  +


Behaviour Recognition for automated cars +Cristofer Englund  +, Sławomir Nowaczyk  +, Anita Sant'Anna  +


Chess playing humanoid robot by vision +Joseph T. Sachin  +
Clock Glitch Attacks on Embedded IoT Devices: An FPGA-Based Exploration +Mahdi Fazeli  +
Consensus clustering for categorizing orthogonal vehicle operations +Dirar Sweidan  +
Constrained dynamic path planning for truck and trailer +Imanol Mugarza  +
Courteous robot guide for visitors to an intelligent home +Jiamiao Guo  +, Yu Zhao  +


Detecting Points of Interest for Robotic First Aid +Wolfgang Hotze  +
Detection and intention prediction of pedestrians in zebra crossings +Dimitrios Varytimidis  +
Developing a device for rapid water quality assessment +Ying Fu  +
Digital Twin - AFRY +Victor Svahn  +
Driver Prediction for Automative Industry +Stefan Karlsson  +, Cristofer Englund  +


Evolutionary Behavior Trees for Multi-Agent Task-Oriented Environment +Milosz Mazur  +
Explainable Anomaly Detection +Afroj Divan; Athulya Ashok  +
Exploration and Mapping of Warehouse Using Quadrotor Helicopters +Maytheewat Aramtattana  +, Yuantao Fan  +


Face and eye categorization and detection +Zhao Cui  +, Albert Hoxha  +
Finding patterns/motifs in time series data +Felix Nilsson  +
FirstResponse +Gloria  +
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