Publications:A processor array module for distributed, massively parallel, embedded computing


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Title A processor array module for distributed, massively parallel, embedded computing
Author Lars Bengtsson and Kenneth Nilsson and Bertil Svensson
Year 1993
PublicationType Journal Paper
Journal Microprocessing and Microprogramming
Conference 19th Symposium on Microprocessing and Microprogramming (EUROMICRO 93), Barcelona, Spain, Sep. 06-09, 1993
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Abstract With the increased degree of miniaturization resulting from the use of modem VLSI technology and the high communication bandwidth available through optical connections, it is now possible to build massively parallel computers based on distributed modules which can be embedded in advanced industrial products. Examples of such future possibilities are action-oriented systems, in which a network of highly parallel modules perform a multitude of tasks related to perception, cognition, and action. The paper discusses questions of architecture on the level of modules and inter-module communication and gives concrete architectural solutions which meet the demands of typical, advanced industrial real-time applications. The interface between the processors arrays and the all-optical communication network is described in some detail. Implementation issues specifically related to the demand for miniaturization are discussed.