Publications:Analyzing and Modeling Propagation of SmartMeters' Alarms in Low-Voltage Grids


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Title Analyzing and Modeling Propagation of SmartMeters' Alarms in Low-Voltage Grids
Author Hassan Mashad Nemati and Anita Sant'Anna and Sławomir Nowaczyk
Year 2019
PublicationType Journal Paper
Journal (in preparation)
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Abstract In low-voltage energy distribution networks, analyzing and modelingpropagation of disturbances is important as we are moving towards smartgrids. Today, smart meters are generally deployed at all customers and continuouslymeasure several features related to power consumption and quality.However, the data collected from such low-cost devices has been, until now,considered unsuitable for analysis of disturbance propagation, mainly due to itsvery low time resolution. This paper demonstrates that the existence of propagationin the low-voltage grids can be detected using smart meters alarm data.In particular, several models for propagation of disturbances, within neighborcustomers in different levels of the grid topology, are investigated. A methodfor measuring how the reality corresponds to each of the models, by measuringthe similarity between real data and synthetic data, is proposed. Theresults show that the models which include propagation within both deliverypointsand branches are better representation of the disturbances in the realdata, compared to other models. Furthermore, the paper presents smart metersalarm dataset (SMAData), an open-source dataset containing power qualitydisturbances of over 1000 customers.