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Our students are awarded prizes for their work. They are part of a team that achieved 2nd place in GCDC 2011, an autonomous driving competition.

The personnel of Intelligent systems lab is involved in teaching a number of courses, some of courses the lab are responsible for. Courses are organized into Subject Areas. Furthermore, Kenneth Nilsson is the examiner of theses for engineering students in Mechatronics, Electrical and Computer systems engineering at the B.Sc level (15 credits). Finally, Antanas Verikas is the examiner of M.Sc. thesis projects (30 credits) in the area of Intelligent systems.

Completed student theses can be found in DiVA.

Students can present their Student Projects with additional information, see Contact Islab for web responsible for login details.

Additional thesis information can be found here.

More information: Courses | Subject areas | Student projects