Title FirstResponse
Summary First response to emergency situation in a smart environment using a mobile robot
Keywords Image analysis, camera, mobile robot, falls, human-robot interaction, emergency response
TimeFrame 2014-02-01 / 2014-05-31
References Loreto Susperregi, et al. On the Use of a Low-Cost Thermal Sensor to Improve Kinect People Detection in a Mobile Robot. Sensors 2013, 13(11), 14687-14713.

Simin Wang, Salim Zabir, Bastian Leibe. Lying Pose Recognition for Elderly Fall Detection. Proceedings of Robotics: Science and Systems 2011.

Prerequisites Image analysis, sensors systems, learning systems, cooperating intelligent systems or similar
Author Gloria
Supervisor Anita Sant'Anna
Level Master
Status Finished

Smart homes and ambient assisted living applications can support healthy and safe aging at home. One important safety feature is to be able to detect an emergency situation and take appropriate actions in a timely manner. Mobile robots can complement smart homes with additional mobile sensors such as cameras and Kinect sensors. These robots have the ability to more closely investigate a potential emergency situation such as a fall; initiate interaction with the person who has fallen; and decide on what actions to take given the response or lack of response from the person. This project will investigate different sensor modalities and methods to detect falls and potential emergency situations, as well as human-robot interaction modalities; and emergency response actions to ensure the person’s safety.