1. last minutes: Minutes/wiki/2012-03-16
  2. Internal/Information missing


  1. user acount creation
  2. remove bot accounts, merging, Extension:User Merge and Delete
  3. student account, use name: gggfffyy
  4. [NW] iswiki email account, configure email capabilities (php.ini, or mediawiki?)
  5. [JL] connect pubs to projects, best option would be to have the information saved in the projects other alternatives involve a sperate linking page or in worst case add the information on the publication page.
  6. [NW] make a template/form for external people, try to main stream person: staff, alumni, academic collaborator
  7. keywords, two alternatives unstructured tags or more structured things
  8. The info box is located on this page as an example: Health Technology
  9. release notes of smw extension

Unresolved from old minutes

  1. Link to BibTex-export for each publication.
  2. Investigate possibility to organizing uploaded files


  • Fix "out-of-border" buttons in CSS
  • Bullets are missing in the current skin --Nicholas 05:54, 14 March 2012 (PDT)