Peter Mühlfellner

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Peter Mühlfellner

Peter Mühlfellner, Researcher, PhD

Family Name: Mühlfellner
Given Name: Peter
Role: Researcher
Title: PhD
Subject: Vision-Based Localization for Autonomous Vehicles
Organization: Volkswagen AG
Phone: +4953618962340
Cell Phone: 

Peter is an industry PhD student employed at Volkswagen in Wolfsburg, Germany. He is working on 'Localization of an Autonomous Vehicle in Parking Garage Environments' as part of the European V-CHARGE project. Halmstad University is not directly involved in that project.

Journal publications registered in DiVA

Peter Mühlfellner, Mathias Bürki, Mike Bosse, Wojciech Derendarz, Roland Philippsen, Paul Furgale (2016). Summary Maps for Lifelong Visual Localization. Journal of Field Robotics. 33(5), pp. 561-590

Conference publications registered in DiVA

Paul Timothy Furgale, Wojciech Derendarz, Roland Philippsen, Peter Mühlfellner (2013). Evaluation of Fisheye-Camera Based Visual Multi-Session Localization in a Real-World Scenario. IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium, June 23-26, 2013, Gold Cost, Australia.