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A Serious Computer Game to Assist Tai Chi Training for the Elderly +Wagner Ourique de Morais  +, Nicholas Wickström  +
A Simple Virtual Sensor for Combustion Timing +Ulf Holmberg  +, Magnus Hellring  +
A Simple trick for estimating the weight decay parameter +Thorsteinn Rögnvaldsson  +
A Smart Home System for Information Sharing, Health Assessments, and Medication Self-Management for Older People : Protocol for a Mixed-Methods Study +Margaretha Norell Pejner  +, Wagner Ourique de Morais  +, Jens Lundström  +,
A Survey of Super-Resolution in Iris Biometrics with Evaluation of Dictionary-Learning +Fernando Alonso-Fernandez  +, Reuben A. Farrugia  +, Josef Bigun  +,
A Symbol-Based Approach to Gait Analysis From Acceleration Signals : Identification and Detection of Gait Events and a New Measure of Gait Symmetry +Anita Sant'Anna  +, Nicholas Wickström  +
A Symbolic Approach to Human Motion Analysis Using Inertial Sensors : Framework and Gait Analysis Study +Anita Sant'Anna  +
A Transparent Decision Support Tool in Screening for Laryngeal Disorders Using Voice and Query Data +Jonas Minelga  +, Antanas Verikas  +, Evaldas Vaiciukynas  +,
A Trinocular Stereo System for Detection of Thin Horizontal Structures +Klas Hedenberg  +, Björn Åstrand  +
A Wearable Accelerometer Based Platform to Encourage Physical Activity for the Elderly +Wagner Ourique de Morais  +, Anita Sant'Anna  +, Nicholas Wickström  +
A base-line character recognition for syriac-aramaic +Elizabeth Tse  +, Josef Bigun  +
A biometric approach to laboratory rodent identification +J. Cameron  +, C. Jacobson  +, Kenneth Nilsson  +,
A comprehensive Dataset for Ethiopic Handwriting Recognition +Yaregal Assabie  +, Josef Bigun  +
A data-driven approach for discovering heat load patterns in district heating +Ece Calikus  +, Sławomir Nowaczyk  +, Anita Sant'Anna  +,
A feature selection technique for generation of classification committees and its application to categorization of laryngeal images +Marija Bacauskiene  +, Antanas Verikas  +, Adas Gelzinis  +,
A fiber-optic interconnection concept for scaleable massively parallel computing +Magnus Jonsson  +, Kenneth Nilsson  +, Bertil Svensson  +
A field test with self-organized modeling for knowledge discovery in a fleet of city buses +Stefan Byttner  +, Sławomir Nowaczyk  +, Rune Prytz  +,
A framework for designing a fuzzy rule-based classifier +Jonas Guzaitis  +, Antanas Verikas  +, Adas Gelzinis  +,
A general framework for designing a fuzzy rule-based classifier +Antanas Verikas  +, Jonas Guzaitis  +, Adas Gelzinis  +,
A graphical traffic scenario editing and evaluation software +Iulian Carpatorea  +
A hybrid approach to outlier detection in the offset lithographic printing process +Cristofer Englund  +, Antanas Verikas  +
A kernel-based approach to categorizing laryngeal images +Antanas Verikas  +, Adas Gelzinis  +, Marija Bacauskiene  +,
A lightweight method for detecting sleep-related activities based on load sensing +Wagner Ourique de Morais  +, Nicholas Wickström  +
A linguistic approach to the analysis of accelerometerdata for gait analysis +Anita Sant'Anna  +, Nicholas Wickström  +
A low-cost colour vision-system for robot design competitions +Albert-Jan Baerveldt  +, Björn Åstrand  +
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