Publications:A modular CACC system integration and design

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Title A modular CACC system integration and design
Author Kristoffer Lidström and Katrin Sjöberg and Ulf Holmberg and Johan Andersson and Fredrik Bergh and Mattias Bjäde and Spencer Mak
Year 2012
PublicationType Journal Paper
Journal IEEE transactions on intelligent transportation systems (Print)
Diva url
Abstract This paper describes the Halmstad University entry in the Grand Cooperative Driving Challenge, which is a competition in vehicle platooning. Cooperative platooning has the potential to improve traffic flow by mitigating shock wave effects, which otherwise may occur in dense traffic. A longitudinal controller that uses information exchanged via wireless communication with other cooperative vehicles to achieve string-stable platooning is developed. The controller is integrated into a production vehicle, together with a positioning system, communication system, and human–machine interface (HMI). A highly modular system architecture enabled rapid development and testing of the various subsystems. In the competition, which took place in May 2011 on a closed-off highway in The Netherlands, the Halmstad University team finished second among nine competing teams.