Publications:Assessing, exploring, and monitoring quality of offset colour prints

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Title Assessing, exploring, and monitoring quality of offset colour prints
Author Jens Lundström and Antanas Verikas and E Tullander and B Larsson
Year 2013
PublicationType Journal Paper
Journal Measurement
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Abstract Variations in offset print quality relate to numerous parameters of printing press and paper. To maintain a constant high print quality press operators need to assess, explore and monitor quality of prints. Today assessment is mainly done manually. This paper presents a novel system for assessing and predicting values of print quality attributes, where the adopted, random forests (RFs)-based, modeling approach also allows quantifying the influence of different paper and press parameters on print quality. In contrast to other print quality assessment systems the proposed system utilises common, simple print marks known as double grey-bars. Novel virtual sensors assessing print quality attributes using images of double grey-bars are presented. The inferred influence of paper and printing press parameters on quality of colour prints shows clear relation with known print quality conditions. Thorough analysis and categorisation of related work is also given in the paper. (C) 2012 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.