Publications:On-line arithmetic for real-time control of microsystems

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Title On-line arithmetic for real-time control of microsystems
Author Martin Dimmler and Arnaud Tisserand and Ulf Holmberg and Roland Longchamp
Year 1999
PublicationType Journal Paper
Journal IEEE/ASME transactions on mechatronics
Diva url
Abstract The integration of microcontrollers within mechanical systems is a current trend. However, decreasing the size of the system and satisfying higher precision requirements make it necessary to reevaluate the common signal processing techniques for controller implementations, because limited controller size, computation speed, and power consumption become major topics. In this paper, we demonstrate that serial computations with the most significant digits first, that is, on-line arithmetic, offer an important potential for real-time control. They enable a combination of traditional functions, such as analog-to-digital converters and control data computations. This leads to very efficient controller implementations with small size, high speed, and low power consumption. After a brief description of the requirements and challenges of microsystem controller design, the use of on-line arithmetic for real-time control is proposed. A short introduction to on-line arithmetic is given and control-specific implementation guidelines are presented and finally applied to a simple test system.