Publications:Stair Gait Classification from Kinematic Sensors

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Title Stair Gait Classification from Kinematic Sensors
Author Wolfgang Svensson and Ulf Holmberg
Year 2007
PublicationType Book Chapter
HostPublication Rehabilitation Robotics
Diva url
Abstract Gait measurement is of interest for both orthopedists and biomechanical engineers. It is useful for analysis of gait disorders and in design of orthotic and prosthetic devices.In this chapter an algorithm is presented to suit estimation of one foot angle in the sagital plane, independent on gait conditions. Only one gyro is used during swing and two accelerometers are needed for calibration during stance. Also, the sensor placement at the front foot avoids the need for heel strike for stance transition. Stair walking can therefore be studied. From the estimated swing trajectory three different gait conditions: up stair, horizontal and down stair are classified.