Siddhartha Khandelwal

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Siddhartha Khandelwal

Siddhartha Khandelwal, PhD

Family Name: Khandelwal
Given Name: Siddhartha
Title: PhD
Subject: Human Motion Analysis using Wearable Sensors
Cell Phone: 

  Teaching:  Matlab with Applications (7.5 credits)Robotic Manipulators (Teaching Assistant, 7.5 credits)
Subject areas: Signal Analysis
Application areas: Health Technology

About Siddhartha

Currently, Siddhartha is the CEO at VectorizeMove: a start-up aimed at bringing the benefits of advanced gait analysis to peoples' everyday lives. More at:

Siddhartha elsewhere

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MAREA Gait Database

MAREA gait database:

Journal publications registered in DiVA

Siddhartha Khandelwal, Nicholas Wickström (2016). Gait Event Detection in Real-World Environment for Long-Term Applications : Incorporating Domain Knowledge into Time-Frequency Analysis. IEEE transactions on neural systems and rehabilitation engineering.

Conference publications registered in DiVA

João Bentes, Siddhartha Khandelwal, Hampus Carlsson, Marcus Kärrman, Tim Svensson, Nicholas Wickström (2017). Novel System Architecture for Online Gait Analysis. The 39th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society.

Siddhartha Khandelwal, Nicholas Wickström (2014). Identification of Gait Events using Expert Knowledge and Continuous Wavelet Transform Analysis. 7th International Conference on Bio-inspired Systems and Signal Processing (BIOSIGNALS 2014), Angers, France, March 3-6, 2014.

Siddhartha Khandelwal, Nicholas Wickström (2014). Detecting Gait Events from Outdoor Accelerometer Data for Long-term and Continuous Monitoring Applications. 13th International Symposium on 3D Analysis of Human Movement (3D-AHM 2014), 14–17 July, 2014, Lausanne, Switzerland.

Siddhartha Khandelwal, Christine Chevallereau (2013). Estimation of the Trunk Attitude of a Humanoid by Data Fusion of Inertial Sensors and Joint Encoders. The 16th International Conference on Climbing and Walking Robots and the Support Technologies for Mobile Machines (CLAWAR 2013), Sydney, Australia, 14-17 July, 2013.