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Shared Human-Robot Construction of Rich Maps for Worksite Automation

Project start:
1 February 2014
Project end:
1 February 2018
More info (PDF):
[[media: | pdf]]
Roland Philippsen
Application Area:
Intelligent Vehicles

Involved internal personnel
Involved external personnel
Involved partners


This project aims to develop software tools and algorithmic methodologies for robot-aided building and annotation of rich maps in worksite environments. These maps will be used for planning and execution of tasks where the degree of automation can range from assisted manual control to autonomous operation in shared work-yards, such as harbors, quarries, or construction sites. We focus on integrating state-of-the art techniques for perception, mapping and planning while developing new approaches to allow human users to interactively annotate and modify maps, define work-site constraints and task goals. The project is a collaboration between the CAISR, Volvo Group Trucks Technology.