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A Wearable Accelerometer Based Platform to Encourage Physical Activity for the Elderly +  +
A configurable framework for stream programming exploration in baseband applications +  +
A domain-specic approach for software development on manycore platforms +  +
A fiber-optic interconnection concept for scaleable massively parallel computing +  +
A framework for performance evaluation and functional verification in stochastic process algebras +  +
A low power-long range active RFID-system consisting of active RFID backscatter transponders +  +
A multiple SIMD approach to radar signal processing +  +
A new measure of movement symmetry in early Parkinson's disease patients using symbolic processing of inertial sensor data +  +
A processor array module for distributed, massively parallel, embedded computing +  +
A real-time medium access protocol supporting dynamic spectrum allocation in industrial networks +  +
A rule format for associativity +  +
A syntactic commutativity format for SOS +  +
AWG-based Optoelectronic Router with QoS Support +  +
Active In-Database Processing to Support Ambient Assisted Living Systems +  +
Adaptive Cooperative Awareness Messaging for Enhanced Overtaking Assistance on Rural Roads +  +
Advanced Signal Processing for Digital Subscriber Lines +  +
Algebraic Meta-Theory of Processes with Data +  +
An Energy and Application Scenario Aware Active RFID Protocol +  +
An Evaluation of High-Performance Embedded Processing on MPPAs +  +
An Imperialist Competitive Algorithm For Interference-Aware Cluster-heads Selection in Ad hoc Networks +  +
An active backscatter wake-up and tag identification extraction protocol for low cost and low power active RFID +  +
An agent framework to support sensor networks' setup and adaptation +  +
An application dependent medium access protocol for active RFID using dynamic tuning of the back-off algorithm +  +
An embedded language for programming protocol stacks in embedded systems +  +
An open Telematics Service Providing Framework using the P2P-like paradigm based on the somecast protocol +  +
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