Publications:Enabling Greener DSL Access Networks by their Stabilization with Artificial Noise and SNR Margin

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Title Enabling Greener DSL Access Networks by their Stabilization with Artificial Noise and SNR Margin
Author Martin Wolkerstorfer and Driton Statovci and Tomas Nordström
Year 2013
PublicationType Journal Paper
Journal Cluster Computing
Diva url
Abstract Low-power modes (LPM) are a standardized means in asymmetric digital subscriber lines (ADSL) 2 for reducing the power consumption at the central office. However, the activation of LPMs is hampered by the operators’ concern for instability introduced by frequent transmit power changes. The injection of artificial noise (AN) has been proposed as a standard-compliant stabilization technique. We develop an analytical solution for setting the AN power spectrum. Based on this solution we jointly optimize the AN power spectrum and the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) margin. Simulation results show the performance gain in terms of rate and energy compared to heuristic rules for setting the AN power spectrum. We propose and demonstrate three approaches for evaluating the performance of AN-enabled DSL systems, including (a) joint spectrum balancing, AN, and margin optimization, (b) single-user worst-case-stable optimization, and (c) worst-case-stable optimization based on sequential initialization. Simulation results confirm a strong dependency of the performance under AN on the selected SNR margins, and highlight the total AN power consumption as well as the residual energy savings under low-power modes stabilized by AN.