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General Description

The Centre for Research on Embedded Systems (CERES) is a research centre within the School of Information Technology at Halmstad University. The centre was initiated in 2003 and has been built up in close cooperation with industry and with support from The Knowledge Foundation.

The scientific focus of CERES is on Cooperating Embedded Systems, more specifically on enabling solutions for cooperating and high-performance embedded systems and their applications. The prioritized applications come from health care, traffic and transport, and advanced sensing and communication systems. The research projects provide knowledge (solutions, theories, methods and tools) to bridge the gap from basic enabling technologies to application domains. By this, CERES is intended to increase the competitiveness of Swedish industry.


CERES is an arena for industrially motivated, long-term research. In this, CERES serves as a partner for industry’s own research and development, as a recruitment base for those who seek staff with cutting-edge knowledge, and as a competence resource for industry and society. CERES hosts research education and profiled master and bachelor studies.

CERES plays an important role in the profile and strategic development of Halmstad University, for example by hosting a major part of the PhD education in Information Technology and by being a leading player in the University’s strategic research initiative, Research for Innovation. Also, with its strong record of spin-off companies from the embedded systems area, CERES is considered vitally important for the University’s further development as a strongly innovation-oriented university


Cooperating Embedded Systems is the “three-word focus” of CERES. The cooperation opportunities among and within embedded systems are enabled by new, emerging technologies. However, it is not these emerging technologies per se that are in focus for CERES researchers, rather, it is the solutions for cooperation on a higher level (in terms of architectures, protocols, networks, modeling and programming tools, system development methods, etc.) that are developed, analyzed and applied.

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