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Welcome to the homepage of IFIP TC-2 working group on Program Generation (WG 2.11)

Program Generation (WG 2.11)

Program generation has the potential to revolutionize software development in the same way that automation and components revolutionized manufacturing. Current research in this area targets a host of technical problems both at the foundational and engineering levels. The aim of this IFIP Working Group of researchers and practitioners is to promote progress in this area.

Current Activity

Next meeting: Twenty-fourth meeting in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

Current Members

Nada Amin (US) Sandrine Blazy (FR) Edwin Brady (UK)
Jacques Carette (CA), Chair Ewen Denney (US) Sebastian Erdweg (DE)
Bernd Fischer (ZA) Jeremy Gibbons (UK) Robert Glück (DK)
Kevin Hammond (UK) Atsushi Igarashi (JP) Ohad Kammar (UK)
Christian Kästner (US) Yukiyoshi Kameyama (JP) Paul Kelly (UK)
Oleg Kiselyov (JP) Ralf Lämmel (DE) Julia Lawall (FR)
Christian Lengauer (DE) (*) Geoffrey Mainland (US) Peter Mosses (UK, NL)
Klaus Ostermann (DE) Markus Püschel (CH) Christoph Reichenbach (SE)
Tiark Rompf (US) Sven-Bodo Scholz (NL) Ulrik Pagh Schultz (DK)
Chung-chieh Shan (US) Satnam Singh (US) Yannis Smaragdakis (GR)
Armando Solar-Lezama (US) Walid Taha (SE) Eric Van Wyk (US)
Jeremy Yallop (UK), Vice-Chair Vadim Zaytsev (NL)

(*) emeritus

Past Activity


  • Initial aims of the working group, as submitted to IFIP, September 2003).

Related events

Past members

A few past members include

Sven Apel (DE) Olivier Danvy (DK SG) Christoph Herrmann (DE)
Sam Kamin (US) Eelco Visser (NL)

With the sudden and unexpected death of Prof. Eelco Visser, the IFIP WG 2.11 lost one of its founding members and a regular participant and central player in the group for close to two decades.

Eelco stood out by his calm demeanor and pleasant, sonoric voice. It gave him a special presence. Some time ago, he told us that he considered his first invitation to the WG as a pivotal event in his career and that he was very grateful for this. This was Dagstuhl Seminar 03131, which can be viewed as the conception event of WG 2.11.

Eelco implemented the group's goals more effectively and tangibly than many of us and he never made a big deal about it. The software systems he developed, be it Stratego, Spoofax or Researchr, have a far reach into the community and beyond. Eelco was always courteous, attentive and friendly but, being also passionate, he would not shy away from lively arguments. He was a pillar of strength and steadiness in the group. We will miss him dearly.

Mailing list

  • The working group maintains a mailing list for discussions related to program generation. You can subscribe to this list here.