Activity monitoring for AAL

Title Activity monitoring for AAL
Summary Tracking of more than one person in a smart environment using fixed sensors and a mobile robot
Keywords Ambient assisted living, activity monitoring, activity recognition, tracking and localization, sensors, mobile robot
TimeFrame 2014-02-01 / 2014-05-31
References Beth Logan et al. A Long-Term Evaluation of Sensing Modalities for Activity Recognition. Ubiquitous Computing. Lecture Notes in Computer Science vol. 4717, pp. 483-50, 2007.

Juan Carlos Augusto, Hideyuki Nakashima, Hamid Aghajan. Ambient Intelligence and Smart Environments: A State of the Art. Handbook of Ambient Intelligence and Smart Environments, pp 3-31, 2010.

Prerequisites Sensor System (7.5 credits), Learning Systems (7.5 credits), Cooperating Intelligent Systems (7.5 credits), or similar
Author Jianyuan Ma, Yinan Qiu
Supervisor Anita Sant'Anna
Level Master
Status Finished

Ambient Assisted Living applications have the potential to support healthy and safe aging at home, alleviating the future demands in healthcare. Many works have addressed the monitoring of an individual at home, however when more than one person is present in the environment, the task is not trivial. This project will investigate the use of both environmental (fixed) sensors and a mobile robot in order to track and monitor the activities of two (possibly more) individuals in the same environment. The result of the project should be a framework for solving the problem as well as a demo/experiment validating the proposed framework.