Connected Safety Vest for Roadworkers

Title Connected Safety Vest for Roadworkers
Summary Development and testing of an embedded system for the protection of Vulnerable Road Users
TimeFrame Fall 2022
Prerequisites Programming; embedded systems; Linux (Debian)
Supervisor Oscar Amador Molina, Alexey Vinel
Level Flexible
Status Open

The proposed thesis projects are integral parts of larger ongoing research projects on V2X using cellular and 802.11p systems at AstaZero. Live demonstrations at the test track in Sandhult are a part of the final reporting.

The project is suitable for one or two students. Details of the technical content will be discussed and specified together with the candidates and their academic supervisor. Target start is November 2022.

A summary of the objectives for this stage are: - Running an MQTT publisher/subscriber in a single-board computer. - Running location and activity monitoring services in the single-board computer. - Establish two-way contact with an MQTT broker. - Provide haptic feedback to the user.