Development of surveillance methods for sterilizers

Title Development of surveillance methods for sterilizers
Summary Development of surveillance methods for sterilizers
Keywords Data Mining
TimeFrame Spring 2016
Prerequisites Programming competence

Cooperating Intelligent Systems and Learning Systems courses

Supervisor Thorsteinn Rögnvaldsson, Sławomir Nowaczyk, Stefan Byttner
Level Master
Status Internal Draft

A sterilizer is a highly automated product used for sterilizing equipment. It can be equipment used in hospital such as surgery utensils or diagnosing equipment. Sterilizing machines are also needed in factories producing medical devices. At Getinge Infection Control AB a new generation of sterilizers just have been launched and there is a need of developing a strategy for post market surveillance. In order to understand machine performance and customer behavior a surveillance method shall be developed by examining real time data from installed machines and after project closure suggest strategies for how to use available data. It can be improving understanding of customer behavior, planning preventive maintenance and others.

The project is to analyze existing data from machines and (possibly) link this to the maintenance of information. It is close to research we are already doing together with Volvo, so the idea is to investigate the same or similar approaches in a different domain. The project aims to investigate whether there are similar uses of sterilizers that what we do with Volvo Buses, i.e. whether it is possible to get information that could be used for something useful such as maintenance programs in customer behavior and more.