EXIST: sEXism Identification in Social neTworks

Title EXIST: sEXism Identification in Social neTworks
Summary sEXism Identification in Social neTworks
Keywords NLP
Prerequisites NLP
Supervisor Pablo Picazo-Sanchez
Level Master
Status Open

Detecting online sexism may be difficult, as it may be expressed in very different forms. Sexism may sound “friendly”: the statement “Women must be loved and respected, always treat them like a fragile glass” may seem positive, but is actually considering that women are weaker than men. Sexism may sound “funny”, as it is the case of sexist jokes or humour (“You have to love women… just that… You will never understand them.”). Sexism may sound “offensive” and “hateful”, as in “Humiliate, expose and degrade yourself as the fucking bitch you are if you want a real man to give you attention”. The automatic identification of sexism may help to create, design and determine the evolution of new equality policies, as well as encourage better behaviors in society.

TASK 1: Sexism Identification The first subtask is a binary classification. The systems have to decide whether or not a given tweet contains sexist expressions or behaviours (i.e., it is sexist itself, describes a sexist situation or criticizes a sexist behaviour). The following tweets show examples of sexist and not sexist messages.

SEXIST: “Mujer al volante, tenga cuidado!" “People really try to convince women with little to no ass that they should go out and buy a body. Like bih, I don’t need a fat ass to get a man. Never have." NOT SEXIST: “Alguien me explica que zorra hace la gente en el cajero que se demora tanto." "@messyworldorder it’s honestly so embarrassing to watch and they’ll be like “not all white women are like that”"

TASK 2: Sexism Categorization Once a message has been classified as sexist, the second task aims to categorize the message according to the type of sexism (according to the categorization proposed by experts and that takes into account the different facets of women that are undermined). In particular, we propose a five-classification task:

IDEOLOGICAL AND INEQUALITY: The text discredits the feminist movement, rejects inequality between men and women, or presents men as victims of gender-based oppression. “Mi hermana y mi madre se burlan de mí por defender todo el tiempo los derechos de todos y me acaban de decir feminazi, la completaron”. “I think the whole equality thing is getting out of hand. We are different, thats how were made!”. STEREOTYPING AND DOMINANCE: The text expresses false ideas about women that suggest they are more suitable to fulfill certain roles (mother, wife, family caregiver, faithful, tender, loving, submissive, etc.), or inappropriate for certain tasks (driving, hardwork, etc), or claims that men are somehow superior to women. “@Paula2R @faber_acuria A las mujeres hay que amarlas…solo eso… Nunca las entenderás.”. “Most women no longer have the desire or the knowledge to develop a high quality character, even if they wanted to.”. OBJECTIFICATION: The text presents women as objects apart from their dignity and personal aspects, or assumes or describes certain physical qualities that women must have in order to fulfill traditional gender roles (compliance with beauty standards, hypersexualization of female attributes, women’s bodies at the disposal of men, etc.). ““Pareces una puta con ese pantalón” - Mi hermano de 13 cuando me vio con un pantalón de cuero”. “Don’t get married than blame all woman for your poor investment. You should of got a hooker but instead you choose to go get a wedding ring.”. SEXUAL VIOLENCE: Sexual suggestions, requests for sexual favors or harassment of a sexual nature (rape or sexual assault) are made. “#MeToo Estas 4 no han conseguido su objetivo.El juez estima que se abrieron de patas https://t.co/GSHiiwqY6Aánta lagartona hay en este \metoo"!👇🏻👇🏻🤔🤔🤔 https://t.co/8t5VmFIUFn”” “fuck that cunt, I would with my fist”. MISOGYNY AND NON-SEXUAL VIOLENCE: The text expressses hatred and violence towards women. “Las mujeres de hoy en dia te enseñar a querer… estar soltero” “Some woman are so toxic they don’t even know they are draining everyone around them in poison. If you lack self awareness you won’t even notice how toxic you really are”.