Forecasting Industrial IoT Time Series @AlfaLaval

Title Forecasting Industrial IoT Time Series @AlfaLaval
Summary Forecasting industrial IoT Time Series
Keywords Time Series Analysis, Time Series Forecasting, IIoT, Alfa Laval
Prerequisites Data Mining Course (Lecture: Time Series Analysis)
Supervisor Hadi Fanaee
Level Master
Status Open

This is a fantastic opportunity to work with Alfa Laval, a world's leader and pioneer in producing separator machines. During the project, you will have this opportunity to gain access to real-life industrial IoT data and gain first-hand experience with such kind of valuable data.

This project aims to investigate the application of time series models for making forecasting for various onboard sensor time series from separator machines. The separators purify oil and water supplies onboard marine vessels.

The main objective of this project is to evaluate the usefulness of time series models in forecasting sensor time series of separator machines. Generating accurate time series forecast opens new opportunities to develop new-generation real-time anomaly detection systems. The benefits of more in-depth exploration are both in terms of technical and business value, including among the others: property damage control, oil Loss reduction, overall machine health, and fuel quality control.

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