Fuzz testing of network protocols

Title Fuzz testing of network protocols
Summary Investigation how fuzz testing of network protocols could be implemented and provide rapid robustness testing
Prerequisites Bachelor or master program within data engineering or embedded systems. Experience in

embedded C programming.

Author Filip Kågesson
Supervisor Wojciech Mostowski
Level Master
Status Finished

In the vision of future Industrial IoT application it is interesting to push more intelligence out to the devices. With this and the expectations that the IIoT devices should continue being backwards, supporting existing network protocols, and at the same time incorporate new protocols for cloud connectivity the number protocols in an IIoT device increases. With the increased complexity of the IIoT device the need to improve verification increases and particulate early verification as a part of the Continuous Integration system. One part of this is early functional and robustness testing that would be suitable in a CI environment is simulates fuzz testing of network protocols. This project aims to investigate the option implementing a fuzz testing framework in order to realize early and quick robustness testing of network protocols. An investigation of fuzz testing framework for that would be suitable for embedded systems shall be carried out. The thesis project also contains a practical part implementing one fuzz testing frameworks on one of BU Anybus existing products and connect the framework to the network API. The goal of the project is to prove that a fuzz testing framework can interface with the network API currently used by the BU Anybus embedded platform in order provide rapid robustness testing.