Halland Intelligent PATient-Centered Healthcare

Project start:
3 October 2016
Project end:
30 September 2020
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Awais Ashfaq
Application Area:
Healthcare Technology

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Health spending as a share of GDP in Sweden (11.0%) remains well above the OECD average (8.9%). In addition to ageing and advanced treatment procedures, a fundamental source of escalating costs is the unawareness of how and to what extent different sub-groups within healthcare utilize resources and contribute to quality. Hence, it gets challenging to unveil critical areas within healthcare that are truly responsible for high costs and low quality.

Advancement in computing technologies and machine learning algorithms has enabled us to analyze big amounts of data to enhance the efficiency and productivity of businesses in every industry. Healthcare is no different. The recent decade has witnessed huge advances in the amount of medical data generated and stored in almost every domain in the healthcare sector. The primary purpose of Electronic Health Records (EHR) is to facilitate and improve individual patient care. In addition to it, EHRs today, also serve as a data center for clinical research to improve healthcare management, patient safety and clinical decision support.

Managed by Affecto and owned by Region Halland, we use the Strategic Healthcare Analysis and Research Platform (SHARP) which is a unique integration of data sources from all levels of the care chain including measurements from primary care, ambulance, emergency care, inpatient care as well as the traditional EHR’s. This enables us to have a system’s approach to healthcare delivery which has shown to be an effective methodology to promote better health at a lower cost.

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Text by Awais Ashfaq