Attending: Erik Järpe, JL, SK, DR, FAF, ASA, SB, SN, BÅ, NW, TM, RT, AV


  1. Information from the IDERÅD
    1. 72% satisfaction. Lab info will be provided later, if more than 8 persons answered.
    2. Sektionskollegium 21-22 august. Göteborg, Arken (conf. hotel) link.
    3. Vaccation is layed out automatic. However, if you want to select different dates, use a paper form and hand it in.
  2. and EIS meetings:
    1. SIDIUS from KK-stiftelsen, 21 march more information, 3-6 members in an alliance, two stage process.
    2. IMEGO will be merged with ACREO
    3. AV asks for information regarding self-evaluation, see email from March 13 from Antanas Verikas (Swedish document attached). Important!
    4. Reminder: Sustainability info.
  3. Reminder: CAISR "kick-off"
  4. Seminar by Jens (starts at 10:30)


  1. Discussion about the courses not in ISlab subject areas. Leaders of
  2. Suggestion: Extend table with one more section. Stefan will add issue on Helpdesk.
  3. ASA: Friday 11.00 meeting municipality outreach, Västergök. ASA and VERO will go, ask ASA for more information.
  4. ISlab webpages:
    1. Discussion: Should we use research areas vs. research groups, coincide with teaching. Learning systems, Signal Analysis, Mechatronics. Suggestions is stay with these. Perhaps use sub-areas like Mechatronics/Robotics.
    2. Suggestion: add tag/labels/keywords to project
    3. Suggestion: add more application areas, bioinformatics, process industry/printing, agriculture, biometrics (Intelligent vehicles), perhaps in a hierarchy of some sort (promote what we do now).
    4. Discussion: computer vision, is it an application area or research area?
  5. Suggestion: Person who is in charge of breakfast also takes minutes. If minutes are named Internal/Minutes/islab/yyyy-mm-dd they will show up automatically on the Internal page.

Three most important issues.

  1. CAISR "kick-off"
  2. Sustainability info.
  3. Self-evaluation