date of the meeting 2012/09/11
e.g. IS-lab, project name, ... islab
list of people (optional)
  • decide to start taking meeting notes
  • Anita presents outreach to kids, we'll have tech fest next summer along with utexpo
    • think of demos you can show kids
    • best suited are things that your students do

discuss EIS-master redesign again

  • based on [[File:EIS-master-ISlab-brainstorm-2012-09-04.pdf] and earlier discussions
  • we'll have track responsibles:
    • Björn and Roland for the "Mobile & Autonomous Systems"
    • Stefan B and Slawomir for "Data & Knowledge Engineering" / "Data Science & Engineering" / "Knowledge Discovery"
  • the responsibles hash out a detailed course proposal
    • names
    • contents
    • prerequisites
  • discussions about where to put math contents, where to put specifics
    • do we need / want CPS mandatory at the beginning?
    • do we want SSRA ...
  • the biggest problem is going to be limited time: we only have 2 years in total for the EIS master

CPS: Cyber-Physical Systems (started last year)

  • Makes sense inside Mobile & Autonomous Systems Track?
    • maybe not good as mandatory for signals students
  • what literature does Walid use?

SSRA: Signal and System Representation and Analysis (idea for new course)

  • we thought of pushing the math required for this into an earlier mandatory math course
    • fourier
    • discrete transforms
  • but we seem to agree that the signals aspect needs to be prominent in there

loose ends

  • where should 3D computer vision live?
    • seems to fit better in robotics

action items

  • make proposal for two tracks
    • explicit prerequisites
    • start at the end: what shoud the students know
    • this will allows us to better discuss with CC-lab and others to synchronize
  • think more about first semester!
    • involve CC lab, Jörgen
    • we have to find a common view of what are the prerequisites for all of our courses