Attending: AV, RT, ASA, AM, JL, SK, BÅ, NW, JB, TS, SN
New member at Lab: Saed (PhD student)


  1. Discussion on comments from the CAISR reference group
  • Comment:
    We also advise the CAISR team to articulate their view of the current strengths and weaknesses as well as the potential opportunities and threats
    when trying to reach the vision.
Suggestion: Ourselves evaluation (October, 21-31, Tyloback, 1 day), fill doodle with deadlines in 2 days(responsible: RT)

  • Comment:
    A challenge, and a suggestion, is to clearly describe this research focus, and the long-term vision for it, i.e.,
    where does CAISR want to stand scientifically (which key research issues are to be addressed?)
    and industrially (which industrially relevant problems are to be addressed?) - when the KK-funding ends in 2019?
AV: relevant comment of group, we should discuss it during the Evaluation/Weakness discussions
ASA: define more specifically key research goals/issues, our vision
SN: it is less depends on us then on our partners
JB: publish results and pay less attention to criticism

  • Comment: counterpart for the domain of intelligent vehicles/traffic systems.
    We advise the CAISR team to think about possible means to achieve further collaboration in this domain, beyond the work taking place with the industrial partners
i.e. HCH is good (many small companies), same should be for Intelligent vehicles (only Volvo)
NW: Volvo is good partner, we don’t need more
JB: project together with Chalmers
SN: interesting to find small companies to collaborate
: we work only with Volvo prospective, need to expand it to the end user prospective more (made research on what is needed instead of what is proposed by Volvo)
SN: tighter collaboration with MPE lab
NW: give Volvo as well extra input through those smaller firms, strentgth our value for Volvo this way

  1. Seminar by Anita. Intro to Acumen.
  2. Extra: Who is responsible for updating website
    1. not up to date pages, e.g.
    2. Add Saed to Personel

Most important issues:

  1. Fill in doodle (today and tomorrow)