date of the meeting 2012/10/16
e.g. IS-lab, project name, ... islab
list of people (optional) AV, RP, SN, AM, SGS, SK, TS, KN, TM, RT, SK, TR, NW

  • Reminder: Meeting 5th Nov (Tyloback)
    • food preferencies (Anita, glutein)

Assigning CAISR activities/actions (cont. of Meeting 09/10/2012): SP, HI, SE

1. People teaching 100% should be more involved in research

KN: supervise bachelor/ master students which projects are related to work of PhD students
AV: go through responsibilities, reorganize research/teaching time;
Everyone: try to involve KN, TS and TM into research, review projects and look for links between
NW: Split everything into groups an assign to the group of people
TR: everyone should feel involve

2. Master thesises should be related to PhD research

  • Deadline for projects : 6th November
  • PhD students(AM, JL, SGS (helped by RP)) propose master students projects

3. Wait with it

4. More exchanges of people

  • invite Diane Cook (healthcare)
  • CC lab colloqium input
  • invite quest professors (agenda once quarter)

  • TR: contacts with O&b (?)


6. Make sure that every project is assigned to someone

TR: Have stearing group for every project with companies
Helped by Stefan Gunarsson, Eva Nestius
Responsible: TR


8. Getting publications out of master thesis

  • Responsible: AV, examiner and each supervisor
    • Naturally when PhD students supervising: there is an interest for publishing
SGS, SK: consider highest to be grade only with publications