date of the meeting 2012/10/23
e.g. IS-lab, project name, ... islab
list of people (optional) SB, FAF, AV, SN, AM, SK, BÅ, SGS, JL, TR, RP, NW

Comments on Wiki:

  • Remove alumni/ write birth/death date? (SN)
  • Add SGS/Peter Muehlfellner to staff (checked by RP/SN)
  • Extend info on projects with logo
  • Deadline for suggesting topics

IAS steer group meeting

  • Planning activities for 2014:
  • Starting new Högproject (at least 2 companies involved in project)/ Put some project inside CAISR (~3-4 small companies)

//Take this topic offline

  • Other activities: guest researchers, electronic centrum (measurement center for certification)
CC-lab(Ceres+, 2013): 2 guest professors, Strategic resource: Hoang
IS-lab: CAISR 5/6 mln until 2018, Strategic resourses: Roland, Slawomir
Research school? (from CC -> expand to is lab)
Health technology internetaional network
MI-lab: digital service innovation project
JB: Vision for guest rsearcher: publish paper
We need to profile us in healthcare tecknology
  • 500km Policy,if it is less then take train instead of plane
Environmental policy: non colour, double sided print, think about it!

Finish short propspective (SP) goals and responsibilities

  • Add ASA to the list
  • Slides

1. Keep companies interested

  • Mention interesting projects from time to time
  • demonstrators, videos
Internal price for the best video (of project), deadline – 2013 (?)
  • workshops? (People running groups are in charge of discussion: , NW)

2. Review project goals before start

  • annual, biannual internal workshop to go through project
ASA: review project proposals for each other
TR: difficult due to tight deadlines
JB: not separate application from theoretical idea
ASA: talk at meetings about submitted proposals
JB: more people involved in 1 presentation
TR: separate weekly presentations and project discussions.
Responsible: JB, TR, AV

3-6. Already covered