date of the meeting 2012/10/30
e.g. IS-lab, project name, ... islab
list of people (optional)  : JL, RP, SB, SGS, AM, SN, ASA, AV, TS, TM, FAF

1. Sustainability development If you travel less than 500 km => you need to take train (not flight or car).

If you want to drive your own car => no insurance for this and it is not friendly to environment

2. Anita : seminar at E3, Portland - Halmstad Collaboration

3. Reference group comments, feedback We need to build a prototype that

  • can be used both for vehicles and health research
  • involve competence from islab,
  • attract companies.
RP: someone can start it as master project
RP: Idea: “Smart environment”
ASA: Idea: chair that finds its way in room

4. Seminar FAF