date of the meeting 2012/11/13
e.g. IS-lab, project name, ... islab
list of people (optional) RT, TM, RP(Rune), SB, KN, FAF, AM, BÅ, JL, AV, TR, SN, guest PhD student Pyatros

guest PhD student from Latvia : Pyatros

1. Participation in courses concerning teaching

There are teaching courses I, II and courses for supervisors (In Swedish).

Do we need one in English?

FAF, SN, AM: yes

SGS? RP? someone from CC-lab? New PhD students?

JL, SN: already had it.

RP (Rune): did not had it, but maybe it is not of importance, not doing teaching.

2. Information from IDERÅD meeting

  • Elections: new advisory board (4 teachers)
    • Nomination comitee: Veronica Gaspes, Stefan Gunarsson,...;
    • Teachers proposed for new advisory board: Michael Tompson, Bjorn Åstrand, Emma, Eric Jarpe,

  • Public employee negotiations councellor, agreement on salaries.
1700 working hours
12 mln sek/dissertation
1 dissertation/4 years

  • Hogskoleverket at least 15 phd students/area
3 phd rights we have currently
  • CAISR activity
15 companies interested&Gettinge University
Magnus Larsson : project leader.
Hakan: scientific leader
Need big room (7m high) => Q building?

3. No seminar