date of the meeting 2012/11/20
e.g. IS-lab, project name, ... islab
list of people (optional) RT, SN, SB, TR, AV, AM, RP, TS, TM, new PhD student Siddhartha

1. New PhD student Siddhartha Khandelwal, under NW and ASA supervision

2. IT/Blackboard Problems:

  • web page with blackboard problems written by cc-lab is empty or need to login maybe to see content
  • collect complains and sent them to IT
  • KN, SN and JB are using it
SN: usual login for blackboard is not working. Need to ask IT department for a special one.

3. Workshop on sustainable development, Dec 3rd for IDE school

  • from our lab: TS, JB or SK, AV
  • there are still open places
  • Best ways to do SD in education:
    • specific course about it or
    • include it in every course
  • Reason for that: one of the points for Evaluation of Hogskoleverket

4. KK environment

  • Activity plan for 2013 for whole university => magazine on the table (Forskning for innovation)
  • 3 guest professors (2cc+1 is lab): Iagnema, Rice Univer, Finland Univers(Korki)
  • Start planning activities for 2014
    • Jan 18 - deadline for sugesstion for activities,
    • Vice-chancelor will decide by the end of January
    • Full proposals - until May 3rd, will be evaluated during Summer
    • September - decision making to check quality value of suggestions
Lab leader submit to Steering group and SG to vice-chancelor, not individual research

5. YrkeUtbildnings

Does anyone has YrkeUtbildnings (teacher exam, engineering degree (not bachelor, not simple master), engineering master, civilenjineour)?

Does someone worked outside university (owner? enterpreneour) for teachers:

SN: no, engineering degree

SB: no

RP: engineering degree, company experience (?)

6. Other

  • TS: volvo question
Car is ready, will be finished before Chrsistmas
SN,RP: discuss if any seats could be removed
create master project, master proposals still can be added
  • Slide per project on TV
template for such page: title, bullet point, contact person
  • Put phone numbers on the door for the phone
  • Add Sid to Wiki