date of the meeting 2012/12/04
e.g. IS-lab, project name, ... islab
list of people (optional) JL, TM, RT, BÅ, KN, FAF, SK(Sid), SGS, SN, AM, ASA, AV, TR

ongoing arrangement of 509 room, new furniture

1.No IDERÅD meeting yesterday

  • Monday was workshop on sustainable development (AV, JB, TS was attending)
  • Silvia Vara (international level), 3 universities collaboration => document will be on table
  • She we will visit other school, then there will be further meetings.

2. Planning of teaching hours for 2013

  • it is known how many students we will have in 2013, numbers are uncertain for 1-2 and certain for 3-4

Need to plan periods 3-4 then.

3. KK-environment meeting

  • Date: dec 12 (13-16, wednesday), doodle for meeting (by Magnus Jonsson)
  • JL is attending, is there someone else who wants to attend.

4. Outreach program

  • two dyas at school with activities for kids with demonstrator etc
  • responsible: Veronica Gaspes, RP and ASA
  • If anyone else want to come, welcome
  • Ideas: binary workshop for kids, logic gates (mechanical)
Bubble demonstrator by Stefan K
  • kids of age 11-13
  • need volunteers
JL: interested
  • Dates May 14-15
  • Need to tell to information department: for marketing purpose
  • make smth at utexpo also

5. Workshop date

4th February 2013 => 5th industrial workshop

6. Matlab demonstrator

tomorrow 10:30-14:00 downstairs

7. Seminar by SK(Sid)