date of the meeting 2013/01/15
e.g. IS-lab, project name, ... islab
list of people (optional) JL, NW, JB, SB, BÅ, FAF, AM, SGS, SK (Sid), KN, SN, AV, TS

1. New meeting: Leading power school (Section's råd)

Info from Magnus

  • rector will visit leading group meeting about new working time agreement
  • April 15 Katrin Sjöberg defend her Phd thesis
  • 14-15th February PhD conference
  • Education for deans and lab leaders at 13-14th February, attempts to change those dates.
  • CLU - vice chancelor want to oversee what they are doing, so they plan to have workshop (20 or 21 st February)
=> they want participants from different schools ( from our lab as he is the only one who followed 2 teaching courses)
In autumn they plan to do it in English.
  • Wage discussion: not mandatory, contact lab leader if you want to have a discussion.
  • Budget for 2012: 621 (real) vs 625 (planed) students.
  • Ulf is on vacation for 2013
  • Matlab: will be same way as before for 2013.

2. IES meetings news

  • names suggested last meetings (for evaluation)
Henrik Bostrom, KTH
Gunilla Borgefors, Uppsala
Anil Jain
E. Oja, Helsinki
W. Pedrycz
R. Veldhuis, Enschede
M. Tistarelli
TR will take care of the output people.
There are several groups, 4 people suggestions for chairman => most 2 names from is lab list
JB: weighting on the amount of research => relevance of the person for research
  • Deadline Friday - activities for 2013 KK-foundations 18th January
Our participants: SB, SN
  • Hög projects and Prospect project will be presented to vice-chancellor.

3. Other

  • Write extending abstracts (21st January for abstracts)
  • Prepare posters (29th January)
  • check 'Planning of duties' document
RT is moving in to 510

4. Presentation by JL

Borås workshop on Machine Learning
BOEL project (healthcare): Scania, AZ
Students are invited week 10
Non closure agreement (Volvo vs Scania)