date of the meeting 2013/01/29
e.g. IS-lab, project name, ... islab
list of people (optional) JL,RT,SB,TR,KN, AM, SK (Sid), SK, SN, AV

1. IDE leading group

  • info from leading groups from different universities
    • vice chancelors have meetings from time to time
      • they have met Jan Björklund, minister of Education and Research(forskning&utbildning),
        • so maybe there will be changes
        • evaluation of HH is still going on (7 out of 18 have failed, 25% failed, 14% - vg, other - ok)
=> need to get rid of some programs to improve our performance
Evaluation in Sweden based on thesises only (not on how the education is done)
  • maybe they will simplify process of students to come to Sweden (visa process)
  • meeting with industry representatives
  • government wants universities and industry to work together
  • 43% of young people go further with education in Sweden (after high school)
  • new working hours will take place 1st of july
  • there will be guidelince on how to apply it (e.g. more teaching hours)
  • EHS unit will change name to ESS
  • WinEx application is going to be prepared (deadline 6th May, 6 year project)
  • vice chancellor is meeting Handelsbanken
  • 8th February people from Vinnova will be here (email from last week)
  • there is a company Prove that is going to do evaluation of administration
  • they want to have arbetsgroup (8 meetings, 25 hours) and reference group (2 groups)

2.Uppdrag utbildning

  • army forces want to have course in electrotechnics, control practice (15p) and soon (week 11, March)
  • TM?
      • matlab application part to share with someone (ASA, SK)?

3. IT department suggestions

  • email of suggestions from cc-lab

4. CAISR workshop

  • poster (70x100cm), before Friday!
  • Roland/Jawad/Peter poster?
  • total: 11 (14?)
  • report to RT (supper 4-5th Feb)
  • absence on 4-5th Feb
  • food requisites

5. KK - environment

  • suggestions for 2013 (guest lecturers) will go to further development (too many)

6. Other

  • article at university page about humanoids
  • add people (Anke to is lab page)