date of the meeting 2013/02/12
e.g. IS-lab, project name, ... islab
list of people (optional) JB, SB, KN, FAF, AM, SGS, ASA, TS, AV, SN

1. EIS meeting news

  • Next week EU coordinator is coming, we can ask smth, she will ask smth
We are going to be evaluated (ARC13: assessment of research and coordinateion): Eva Nestius, SB and Magnus Jonsson are responsible.
  • Planned course for supervisors of PhD students (in Swedish)
  • Prepare information: create short description of what lab is doing (expand description), send posters to SK or RT.
JB: bibtex info is not properly generated by DIVA (talk to Patrick from library)
AV: put publications on the lowest level (islab, not ide school)
NB: Project responsibles, please look at description.
  • 8-9th April KK-environment (KK-miljö) strategies discussion
We need one person to go: SK,SB, SN, AV

2. Application news

  • Congratulations for RP's funding
  • SB and SN submitted project: IT in higher education (distance course)
  • If someone plans to apply for funding (EU), it needs to go through lab leader, so lab have money for basic education part of funding.
  • HOS, JL and AV with conjunction of Vaxjo, etc applied for Kamprad funding (IKEA).

3.Other news

  • International conference in Halmstad (SKIA, IEEE in intelligent systems?) 2014, workshop?
  • RP is coming 25 Feb-3 March and Karl Iagnema
  • 14-15th March - teach binary numbers at school (ASA)

4. Seminar by Iulian Carpatorea