date of the meeting 2013/02/19
e.g. IS-lab, project name, ... islab
list of people (optional) SK,JB,SB,KN,BÅ, FAF, SN, AM, JK, SGS, TS, SK(SId), AV, guest

1. EU coordinator guest: Mareike Lutz

  • JB: 2 EU projects: FAF (individual grant) and AM (research group), both Marie-Curie projects,
EU travel project running by Algero
Biggest effort: matching partners (e.g. by running conference)
  • AV: new project by RP (participation) together with Volvo and others
  • Wide field of opportunities to help by EU coordinator, two projects opened (older adults and it)
  • OlderAdults: 3 organisations in 3 different countries and get profuct after 3 years.

2. Styre group meeting

  • Save square meters
  • There will be new student desk at the entrance (expedition)
  • Move CLU to A2
  • Malcus will be rebuild
  • Program costs: 9 mln p/y (4.5 mln per year for blackboard, ladok, phone service, etc)
  • New university board (now Jorgen Carlsson from out school)

3. KK leading group

  • Magnus Johnsson and AV are representatives from out school
  • prepare applicatoions for 2014
  • divide them by two groups: one by april 12th, one by may 3rd (submission date), SN & SB
  • three more person involded in forskning fond (application stage)
  • any comments on the CAISR report send by Antanas?

4. Postdoc fellowship

ASA, JL can apply?

5. Other

  • Evaluation
  • Collecting statistics on research
  • Each lab need to describe or select 3-5 publication that represents lab the best, the EIS group will select best (2007-2012).
  • Present cases of impact of our research on health, environment, etc. (suggestions of cases), then EIS group will select best (2007-2012).
  • Wednesday Karl Iagnema will give talk
  • News on the screen