date of the meeting 2013/04/23
e.g. IS-lab, project name, ... islab
list of people (optional) SK,IK,JL,RP, SB, JB, FAF, SN, TR, TS, AM, SK(SId), ASA, NW, AV, TM + Hans-Erik

1. Presentation by Hans-Erik

Innovation in Research How to find more values in research Advises:

  • call Hans-ERik for initial guidance and recommendations
  • Idea evaluation (Jan-Mar), should be some connection to research
  • Verification of Assets

Intellectual assets: software, data, algorithms, simulations, etc.

Short course on IP is coming later More info:

2.ARC13: Self-assesment and strategic planning

  • Coordinator: Bertil Svensson
  • Deadline: 6th May (21st May)
  • Purpose of ARC13: to see where do we have a good research at university.
Only IDE and SET went through evaluation ever.
  • 2-3 researchers to make it from IS-lab
Strategic planning:
  • one impact case from IS-lab
Impact: ASA+NW+Anke+Tappa - etc

3. Brasil cooperation

  • Brasilian government give money to take PhD, postdoc, 'sandwich' PhD
  • Write short description of research to become a partner in this exchange


31st May including event for kids

SK (bubbles), SB(poker), SN(rasberry pie)