date of the meeting 2013/06/04
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list of people (optional) SK, TS, RP, AM, TM, NW, SN, SB, Jawad Masood, KN

1.Math course for engineers at master level

Some applications of linear algebra
  • SVD,
  • Least square error,
  • Linear Optimisation (Lagrange)
Basic analytical geometry
  • parametrized curves in R^n
  • tangent, curvature
  • integral, reparametrisation
Systems of ODE
Overview of statistics
  • uniform distribution
  • normal distribution
  • moments (expected value, means)
  • hypothesis
  • stable descriptors (medium, quartiles)
  • bayesian inference (a glimpse of)
  • histogram featured
Signal analysis
Fourier, Laplace, z-transform
Linear Systems
Applied Numerical methods
  • Convergence, stability, error
  • Signal models
Design of experiments