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Create VM

  • Lab 1
    • after they add "rm -I" alias, ask what does it do!
  • Lab 2
    • explain how to work with (mount) usb sticks
    • add "cut" command to the initial table
    • fix useradd/adduser distinction
    • tar directory: use some other directory instead of ~ something that has a little more files!
  • Lab 3
    • sudo smbpasswd ide
    • sshd status log: use correct logging mechanism (make sure the logging command is run as ide user)
    • Bonus task - cron: make it into two commands, one as root and one as regular user
  • Lab 5:
    • page 6: change config so that Options + & - actually matter
    • make sure that close parenthesis bug in python script is fixed!

ssh "echo $(cat ~/.ssh/ >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys"

/etc/init.d/ scripts are now obsolete... replace them with service

Labs have too much repetition... maybe at least spread it out across sections, as opposed to "do this, do the same thing again, once more"?

Make comment about "find" somewhere: last year it could be used to solve 30-50% of the practical exam... not quite what I intended ;)

Make lab bonus points more fair: more time, more complex and comprehensive, more even difficulty level. I want more students to pass those!

Bonus Points

Rename it!!!

Give bonus points for study groups

Make "beginners forum"

Have teacher-initiated discussions

Make lectures more interactive


Come up with ideas for interactive things to do in the classroom!!!

  • Lecture 2:
    • rework permissions table on slide 49 ---> mark bits corresponding to individual permissions