Multiband RF Rectifier for Self-Powered IoT Devices

Title Multiband RF Rectifier for Self-Powered IoT Devices
Summary In this project, Mutiband RF rectifiers will be designed for self-powered IoT devices
Keywords Energy harvesting, Antennas, Rectifiers, Wireless Power Transfer
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Supervisor Amjad Iqbal
Level Master
Status Open

Recently, radio frequency energy harvesting (RF-EH) techniques have become promising solutions to power the next generation wireless networks, such as the sensor nodes in wireless sensor network, and the autonomous internet of thing (IoT) devices. The RF-EH technique exploits available ambient power that allows the wireless devices to harvest energy from the RF signal. The ambient RF-EH is a green renewable energy solution, which has been attracting many researchers even though a big challenge of low incident power for RF-EH design. Fortunately, with the advancement in wireless and telecommunication domain, multiple RF energy sources are found in ambient, such as Wi-Fi, DTV, and GSM/3G/4G/5G. To improve the demanding power requirements of the ambient RF-EH system, multiband and broadband rectennas have been investigated for practical options concerning productivity.

In this project, a multi-band rectifier will be designed using Advanced Design System (ADS) software. Then, the prototype of this rectifier will be measured in a real environment.