Obstacle Identification from 3D Data for AGVs in a Warehouse Environment

Title Obstacle Identification from 3D Data for AGVs in a Warehouse Environment
Summary Obstacle Identification from 3D Data for AGVs in a Warehouse Environment
Keywords 3D point cloud, time of flight camera, obstacle detection, segmentation, object recognition, mobile robot
TimeFrame Start: February 2014, End: June 2014
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Prerequisites Image analysis, machine learning, programming skill, ROS and PLC
Supervisor Björn Åstrand, Saeed Gholami Shahbandi
Level Master
Status Internal Draft

A very essential element to achieve the proper solution of the intelligent warehouses, is AGVs with smart behavior. One criteria of a smart behavior is the way vehicles handle obstacle encountering. The goal of this project is to use a 3D sensor (Fotonic P70, a time of flight camera) to detect and identify the obstacles appearing in the path of AGV (lift-trucks) in warehouses. Research Question: while the current solution to obstacle avoidance for lift-trucks in the work environment involves a set of 2D range sensors and obstacle detection, desired result of this project is to develop  a method for obstacle identification by mean of a 3D sensors, in order to increase “situation awareness” of AGVs and behave more intelligently.

Work package 1: 3D point cloud manipulation (system setup) Work package 2: object detection (segmentation) Work package 3: identity recognition of obstacles (classification) Work package 4: estimating the motion of obstacles from a sequence of frames (bonus part)

Deliverable: an implementation and demonstration of a developed method for obstacle identification.