Project(s) at Volvo Cars Corporation

Title Project(s) at Volvo Cars Corporation
Summary Thesis topics at Volvo Car Corporation
TimeFrame Fall 2023
Supervisor To be decided (contact Slawomir Nowaczyk for more details)
Level Master
Status Open

One of the very interesting technology companies in the region, Volvo Cars, often offers several thesis topics for students, at both BSc and MSc levels.

These can be found here:

If you find one that is interesting to you, please get in touch with the contact person mentioned there. Those opportunities are managed by the company, so they make the final decision on who is selected for any given thesis. From the University side, we can, of course, support you throughout the process, but we cannot make any guarantees or influence the selection in any way.

In addition, as with all industry-driven projects, you will also need to find a suitable supervisor here at the University. Based on the topics presented here, you should be able to identify a couple of people with related interests; feel free to contact them directly. If you have trouble finding the right supervisor, contact Slawomir, and I'll try to help you.

Make sure to check the prerequisites and how to apply. Also, be advised that sometimes it's a bit tricky with how the thesis schedule works -- most companies expect it to start in January.
Still, it's often possible to work something out with them.