Publications:Overview of Smart Grid Challenges in Sweden


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Title Overview of Smart Grid Challenges in Sweden
Author Hassan Mashad Nemati and Anita Sant'Anna and Sławomir Nowaczyk
Year 2014
PublicationType Conference Paper
HostPublication The SAIS Workshop 2014 Proceedings
Conference 28th annual workshop of the Swedish Artificial Intelligence Society (SAIS), Stockholm, Sweden, May 22-23, 2014
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Abstract Smart grids are advanced power grids that use modern hardware and software technologies to provide clean, safe, secure, reliable, ecient and sustainable energy. However, there are many challenges in the eld of smart grids in terms of communication, reliability, interoperability, and big data that should be considered. In this paper we present a brief overview of some of the challenges and solutions in the smart grids, focusing especially on the Swedish point of view. We discuss thirty articles, from 2006 until 2013, with the main interest on datarelated challenges.