Publications:Reliability Evaluation of Power Cables Considering the Restoration Characteristic


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Title Reliability Evaluation of Power Cables Considering the Restoration Characteristic
Author Hassan Mashad Nemati and Anita Sant'Anna and Sławomir Nowaczyk and Jan Henning Jürgensen and Patrik Hilber
Year 2017
PublicationType Journal Paper
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Abstract This paper presents the use of the parametric proportional hazard model (PHM) for reliability ranking of power cables. Here, the Weibull PHM is used to estimate the failure rate of every individual cable based on the age of the cables and a set of explanatory factors. The required information for the proposed method is obtained by exploiting available historical data. This data-driven method does not require any additional measurements on the cables. After individual failure rate estimation, the cables are ranked for maintenance prioritization and repair actions.Furthermore, the results of reliability analysis of power cables when considered as repairable or non-repairable components are compared. The paper demonstrates that the methods which estimate the time-to-the-first failure (for non-repairable components) leads to incorrect conclusions about reliability of repairable power cables. The results show that the conclusions about different factors in PHM and cables ranking will be misleading if the cables are considered as non-repairable components. The proposed method is used to calculate the failure rate of each individual Paper Insulated Lead Cover (PILC) underground cables in a distribution grid in the south of Sweden.