Publications:Remote Diagnosis Modelling


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Title Remote Diagnosis Modelling
Author Jörgen Hansson and Magnus Svensson and Thorsteinn Rögnvaldsson and Stefan Byttner
Year 2008
PublicationType Patent
Diva url
Abstract A diagnosis and maintenance method, a diagnosis and maintenance assembly comprising a central server and a system, and a computer program for diagnosis and maintenance for a plurality of systems, particularly for a plurality of vehicles, wherein each system provides at least one system-related signal which provides the basis for the diagnosis and/or maintenance of/for the system are provided. The basis for diagnosis and/or maintenance is determined by determining for each system at least one relation between the system-related signals, comparing the compatible determined relations, determining for the plurality of systems based on the result of the comparison which relations are significant relations and providing a diagnosis and/or maintenance decision based on the determined significant relations.