Publications:Spark advance control using the ion current and neural soft sensors


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Title Spark advance control using the ion current and neural soft sensors
Author Magnus Hellring and Thomas Munther and Thorsteinn Rögnvaldsson and Nicholas Wickström and Christian Carlsson and Magnus Larsson and Jan Nytomt
Year 1999
PublicationType Journal Paper
Journal SAE transactions
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Abstract Two spark advance control systems are outlined; both based on feedback from nonlinear neural network soft sensors and ion current detection. One uses an estimate on the location of the pressure peak and the other uses an estimate of the location of the center of combustion. Both quantities are estimated from the ion current signal using neural networks. The estimates are correct within roughly two crank angle degrees when evaluated on a cycle to cycle basis, and roughly within one crank angle degree when the quantities are averaged over consecutive cycles.The pressure peak detection based control system is demonstrated on a SAAB 9000 car, equipped with a 2.3 liter low-pressure turbo charged engine, during normal highway driving.