Publications:Wisdom of Crowds for Intelligent Monitoring of Vehicle Fleets


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Title Wisdom of Crowds for Intelligent Monitoring of Vehicle Fleets
Author Thorsteinn Rögnvaldsson and Stefan Byttner and Rune Prytz and Sławomir Nowaczyk and Magnus Svensson
Year 2015
PublicationType Journal Paper
Diva url
Abstract An approach is presented and experimentally demonstrated where consensus among distributed self-organized agents is used for intelligent monitoring of mobile cyberphysical systems (in this case vehicles). The demonstration is done on test data from a 30 month long field test with a city bus fleet under real operating conditions. The self-organized models operate on-board the systems, like embedded agents, communicate their states over a wireless communication link, and their states are compared off-line to find systems that deviate from the consensus. In this way is the group (the fleet) of systems used to detect errors that actually occur. This can be used to build up a knowledge base that can be accumulated over the life-time of the systems.