Real-time bladder scanner

Title Real-time bladder scanner
Summary Real-time bladder scanner
Keywords Real-time bladder scanner
TimeFrame Nov 22 - June 23
References TBD
Prerequisites Electronics advanced level, measurement techniques.
Author TBD
Supervisor Pererik Andreasson
Level Master
Status Open

Noui is launching a real-time bladder scanner using the electric signal transmission capacitance coupling method to compare the signal strengths and estimate the fluidity of the bladder. It notifies caregivers of the time to empty the user’s bladder. It is built on simple electronic construction and small size. The electrodes can be integrated into textile computing and printed electronics, ensuring extra comfort for patients. The project scope includes making better prototypes that work on much higher frequencies, minimizing disturbances, and noise filtering. Throughout research and experiment, knowledge is expected to be gained associated with electromagnetism, short-range communication, WBAN (wireless body area network) the relation of the electric charge on human tissue and its forces.